Take a journey to the Ajara highlands and witness breathtaking mountain lakes surrounded by lush forests.

One of the most picturesque Green lake can be found in the Khulo municipality, attracting a large number of visitors all year round. The lake sits at an elevation of 2058 meters above sea level and offers activities such as camping, picnicking, and boating. Unfortunately, there are no fish in the lake.

Nurigeli Lake, also known as Nuri, is located in Batumi close to the Black Sea and is a part of the Batumi Central Park. It is a natural lake, and visitors can take a boat ride on its waters which sit at 0.2 meters above sea level.

Ardaghani Lake is located near the newly built boulevard near the Black Sea and features French dancing fountains that put on a light and music show for audiences. The lake is surrounded by various restaurants and hotels for visitors to enjoy.

Ajara is home to many gorgeous lakes, including Shua Mtis lakes, Tbikeli lake, Black lake, Karagoli lake, and more.