Culinary Tours

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Embarking on a culinary adventure is one of the most fascinating aspects of visiting Ajara, as it's impossible to resist sampling the region's traditional dishes. The diverse and unique flavors of Ajarian cuisine have played a significant role in the development of tourism in the area. Whether you're exploring the highlands or the coast, you'll find that the local dishes differ as much from each other as they do from other Georgian cuisines.

In addition to savoring local dishes and participating in cooking workshops, it's essential to experience the local wines and learn about their production process. Wine tours, particularly popular in the summer, often take place in the Kedi municipality, where family-run hotels offer the chance to taste a variety of dishes and wines produced from diverse grape varieties.

Some must-try dishes include Ajarian Khachapuri, Malakhto, Kaimaghi, Borano, Yakhni, Sinori, Kaisafa, Chakhokhbili, Chirbuli, and more.

Attending public festivals like Shuamtoba, Merisoba, Maretoba, and Machakheloba festivals provides an excellent opportunity to sample these dishes. These events not only allow you to taste traditional cuisine and wines, but also let you immerse yourself in Georgian folklore and witness traditional sports competitions.


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