Boulevard Fountains


Strolling along Batumi Boulevard, you'll encounter a delightful array of fountains that add charm and variety to the already picturesque setting. These fountains have been a feature of Batumi Boulevard for years, gracing both the old and new sections.

A standout attraction is the famous "Central Dancing Fountain," installed in 1977 by renowned Georgian architect Giorgi Erkomaishvili. This captivating fountain features three separate jets of different colors, creating a popular gathering spot. Wax statues of young boys playing instruments surround the central fountain, adding to its whimsy.

Further along the boulevard, you'll find the largest French dancing fountain situated in Lake Ardagani. This mesmerizing display delights passersby with its vibrant holograms and enchanting music, making it a joy to watch and listen to as the fountains dance.

Summer evenings are the perfect time to witness the dancing fountains, as they're illuminated in a dazzling colors that harmonize beautifully with Batumi's vibrant nightlife.

The old boulevard also hosts a unique and enchanting fountain featuring a statue of an elegant woman perched on a vintage-style bicycle. Clutching an umbrella and adorned in a stunning dress, the sculpture exudes grace and beauty. Positioned at the heart of the fountain, it adds a touch of beauty to the surrounding area.