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Old Batumi

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Old Batumi

Be sure to take a stroll through Old Batumi to experience the city's vibrant urban life and stunning architecture, which look beautiful at any time of day.

In Old Batumi, hop on the cable car that stretches 2,586 meters, connecting the city center to Anuria Mountain, situated 250 meters above sea level. The cultural and entertainment center "Argo" resides here, providing a breathtaking complex with stunning views of the city, the Black Sea, and the mountains.

Another must-see attraction is Batumi Piazza, located in Old Batumi, where both tourists and locals gather to enjoy lovely evenings. This bustling square is surrounded by numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars, and is sometimes referred to as Little Italy.

Don't miss the remarkable astronomical clock, situated on the reconstructed tower of the National Bank of Georgia. Unique in its design, the clock not only displays the time but also provides astronomical information, including the position of the sun, moon, zodiac constellations, and planets.

Immerse yourself in the city's energy and explore these captivating tourist destinations.


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