Batumi, Kobuleti

Agricultural Market

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In a land blessed with breathtaking nature, especially in the Ajara region, you can't help but be drawn to the incredible flavors of its natural products. For those who love to cook, a visit to Batumi Central Agricultural-market, one of the largest hubs for agricultural products, is a must. You'll find a variety of fresh, high-quality, and wholesome vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meats, herbs, fish, and spices to whip up delicious and healthy meals. Don't forget to grab a gift set – many tourists pick up honey, dried fruits, cherries, and other transport-friendly natural treats.

Another fantastic marketplace for fresh produce is the Kobuleti Central Market, where you'll find an assortment of pure and high-quality products from local growers and other parts of Georgia. The market offers vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meats, and herbs, as well as a selection of natural delights, nuts, dried fruits, churckhelas, Tklapi and more.

With incredible ingredients at your fingertips, your journey through Ajara will be even more unforgettable.


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