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Batumi Boulevard

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Batumi Boulevard

A stroll along Batumi Boulevard is an essential activity for anyone visiting the city. The boulevard is a gorgeous, verdant, and brilliantly illuminated wonder that stretches along the Black Sea shoreline. It has taken three centuries of careful preservation and enhancement to create this stunning attraction.

The concept of a seaside park in Batumi was first proposed in 1881 by the governor of the Batumi district. Since then, various professionals have contributed to its development, transforming the boulevard into one of Batumi's most beautiful features.

Numerous must-see attractions can be found along the boulevard. You'll come across monuments dedicated to Jason Gordeziani and Mikheil Dalphons, the key figures behind the boulevard's creation. You can also explore Batumi colonnades, the summer theater, dancing fountains, Batumi lighthouse, Alphabet Tower, "Ali and Nino" sculpture, and many other captivating sights.

In terms of activities, the boulevard offers open courts, the Batumi Yacht Club for maritime  activities, a cycling path, and more. 



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