Art Galleries

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Batumi can easily be described as a city of art, boasting stunning architecture, sculptures, landscapes, and street art. If you are a modern conceptual art enthusiast, you will certainly appreciate the array of galleries Batumi has to offer.

One of the most unique and accessible galleries is Artup Street Gallery, established in 2016. This unconventional gallery showcases works by various contemporary Georgian artists, including NFT creators whose works are presented both in Georgia and in many other countries (Estonia, Belgium, Italy, USA, etc). Artup's pieces are displayed in protected boxes and presented in open spaces and streets for all to enjoy, free of charge. The gallery frequently hosts exhibitions and sales, and you can even visit their website to purchase artwork online or explore their virtual museum featuring 3D works in 360-degree views.

Here are some locations in Batumi where you can experience these fantastic works of art:

Zviad Gamsakhurdia Street - "Free Space"
Zviad Gamsakhurdia Street - "Contemporary Art Place"
Memed Abashidze #1 - Open space
Memed Abashidze #23 - "Flabour Georgia"
Memed Abashidze #48 - Open space
Akhmed Melashvili #32 - "Batumi Drama Theater"
Nodar Dumbadze #12 - "Vinyl Bar"



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