Keda Municipality

Ajarian Wild Honey “Jara”

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Georgia is distinguished by its perennial honey culture. The most common place where 100% pure honey is produced is the mountainous regions of Ajara. Many years ago, honey production began in the region of Ajara through bees found in tree hollows. This is where the idea of ​​creating a "Jara" hive came from. The highest quality honey obtained from wild flowers is created in the "Jara" hive.

High-mountainous Ajara is a region in Georgia distinguished by the gray bee of the Georgian mountain. The climate of Georgia supported to its existence. Unlike other bees, grey bees in Ajara is calmer, hardworking, has a longer proboscis, which allows it to go down to the bottom of the plant pistil and extract nectar.

Jara consists of a two-part log. It is mostly made of lime-tree wood. It is traditionally placed on a tall tree or rocks in the forest.



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