Batumi Card

batumi card.png

Batumi Card is a discount card that combines the most frequently visited tourist attractions, museums, accommodation and catering facilities, tourist routes, shops, culinary master classes and others in Ajara region. The purpose of Batumi Card is to provide maximum comfort for tourists traveling to Ajara and to facilitate visiting more tourist facilities in a short period of time with the less expenses.

Batumi Card allows you to:

  • Have 10 free rides by municipal transport;
  • Receive a free SIM card (*1 GB Internet);
  • Get up to 40% discounts at different partners ( ).

Batumi Card is easy to use:

  • To activate the discount, present a card with a unique code attached to it;
  • To use the card in municipal transport, touch the card reader to the validator;
  • The card is valid for 10 days and the discount is one-time for each object (except for the public transport card);
  • The discount applies to one or more people.

Batumi Card can be purchased:

  • At tourist information centers, with cash and cashless payments;
  • On the website with cashless payment but the name, surname, personal number and credit card details are required.


Additional information can be found here: