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Batumi Piazza

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Batumi Piazza

If you're seeking a delightful evening stroll in Batumi, be sure to check out the vibrant Batumi Piazza. Spanning 5700 square meters, this lively square is packed with cafes, restaurants, bars, and hotels, creating an inviting atmosphere for visitors.

Nighttime festivities are plentiful, featuring variety of live music, delectable dishes, and exquisite wines at the numerous restaurants. A popular spot for both tourists and locals alike, Batumi Piazza has earned the nickname "Little Italy" as it offers endless fun and excitement.

Adding to its charm, the square is home to Europe's largest figurative mosaic, featuring captivating artistic works, mosaic patterns, and stained glass. The mosaic, designed by Natalie de Pita-Amirejibi, was crafted in Abu Dhabi in 2010. Comprising 88,244,735 meticulously cut and processed tiles, this impressive artwork is made of marble sourced from fifteen countries across the world. The mosaic's theme represents the harmonious mix of the sea's ever-changing elements and the ongoing evolution of contemporary urban spaces.



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