Shuakhevi Municipality

Tobacco Tradition

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Highland Ajara is renowned for its long-standing tobacco tradition, thanks to its ideal climate and soil conditions that result in high-quality tobacco. The region's moderate continental climate and moderately moist soil in the Black Sea zone create the perfect environment for growing top-notch tobacco, which thrives up to 900 meters in altitude. The main tobacco producers are the Keda, Khulo, and Shuakhevi districts.

The village of Nenia in Shuakhevi stands out in tobacco production. With a population of 220 families, the majority of the villagers are involved in growing and selling tobacco. They use their own traditional methods for planting, growing, harvesting, and drying the tobacco. Despite limited land, each family manages to produce 50-100 kilos of tobacco.

Located just 7 kilometers from the center of Shuakhevi, the village attracts many tourists who can not only purchase tobacco but also participate in its cultivation process.