The citizens of various Eastern European and EU member states, the USA, Canada, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Baltic countries, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and several other nations can visit Georgia for up to one year without a visa. However, they need to have a passport that is valid for at least 6 months after their entry into the country. People from other countries must obtain a visa before coming to Georgia, although in some cases, they can get a visa when they cross a land border or land at an international airport. An electronic visa portal has been launched since 2015, which allows foreign citizens to apply for an entry visa to Georgia electronically, without having to visit a Georgian consular service. 
For more information about the visa regime, check out the following link:
 If you need further assistance, contact the Ministry of Foreign Affairs hotline at (+995 322) 94 50 50 / (+995 322) 94 50 00.