Immerse yourself in the stunning natural beauty of Ajara, perfectly complemented by the Black Sea, as you unwind and rejuvenate with yoga. Practicing yoga in this idyllic setting will help you release negative energy, embrace positivity, and make the most of your travel, relaxation, and entertainment. Yoga is excellent for both muscle relaxation and toning, as well as clearing the mind. By incorporating yoga into your Batumi trip, you'll be able to fully appreciate the captivating charm of this destination. Enjoy the combination of gentle physical activity, the sea, bright sunshine, gorgeous beaches, and perfect weather all in one incredible journey.

Batumi offers various yoga groups where you can join and attend classes, including:

"Aspria Fitness", "Yoga Space", "Yoga & Qigong", "Yoga Therapy Batumi", "Batumi Yoga Centre", "SpiritLab BaTumi", and "yog'A'sana".