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Wine Tours

Georgia, the birthplace of wine, is home to an astounding 525 grape varieties. The Ajara region stands out for its unique grape varieties and the enticing aroma of its wines, which are a must-try during your visit.

Various municipalities in Ajara offer the opportunity to visit family-run wine cellars and taste exceptional wines. Some of the most renowned and distinctive varieties include Chkhaveri, Tsolikauri, Ojaleshi, Aladasturi, Tsitska, and more.

The Ajarian Wine House, situated in Khelvachauri municipality, was established in the 18th century. It features a wine cellar and tasting room where you can sample various wines, such as Chkhaveri and Tsolikauri. You can also purchase wine, explore the vineyard, and savor traditional dishes.

The Shervashidze family cellar, located in Kedi municipality, provides the chance to participate in winemaking. Wines typically found here include Ojaleshi, Chkhaveri, and Tsolikauri.

Makhos Winery, nestled in the village of Vaio in Kedi municipality, offers not only tastings of traditional dishes but also an array of wines, including Aladasturi, Chkhaveri, and Tsolikauri.

Nuri Sirabidze's wine cellar, situated in the village of Gegelidzeebi in Kedi municipality, offers a unique opportunity to taste wines made from grape varieties like Tsolikauri, Ojaleshi, and Aladasturi, while also learning about local folklore and lifestyle.

At Lado Shavishvili's family cellar, you can sample an array of wines, including Chkhaveri, Tsolikauri, Ojaleshi, and Chacha.

The Avaliani brothers' family cellar, nestled in the village of Dandalo in Kedi municipality, welcomes you to try a variety of wines, such as Chkhaveri, Tsolikauri, Tsitska, and Krakhuna. You'll also have the chance to take part in the grape picking and wine pressing process.

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