Batumi Circus

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Batumi Circus

The Ajara region's diverse landscape boasts stunning seaside and mountain sights, as well as a rich cultural and historical heritage. No matter the season, you can find marine, mountain, cultural, and other activities to suit your interests.

In past, Batumi hosted a variety of performances for tourists and locals alike. The Batumi Circus, constructed in the 20th century, was a popular gathering spot. Both Georgian and international troupes from around the world frequently visited its stage.

The Batumi Circus showcased a variety of acts, featuring acrobats, clowns, trained animals, and more. Catering to all ages, the circus ensured that both families and individuals could enjoy performances tailored to their interests.

The circus building itself was also a marvel. Its central, circular stage was surrounded by seating, with exits for performers placed strategically in between. The building's arching, round-shaped roof provided ample height and volume for acrobatic displays and movements.

Though the circus has since evolved, the building now serves as an arena, continuing to host various performances and concerts for the enjoyment of all who visit.